The Usambara Mountains are a beautiful mountain range between Tanga (Indian Ocean) and Moshi (Mount Kilimanjaro) in northeastern Tanzania. Surrounded by stunning views, it consists of more than 120 small rural villages with a population of approximately 50,000 people who live there in a very simple way. The main population of the Usambara Mountains is Lushoto.

The Usambara Mountains, 90 kilometers long and about 30-50 kilometers wide, were formed almost two million years ago by various geological faults. The mountains are surrounded by virgin rainforest that has been isolated for a long time forming a very interesting natural environment to observe nature and walk for a few days.

Despite being one of the most beautiful places in Tanzania, these mountains are still one of the most unknown places in the country. They are a real paradise for nature lovers and hikers. From there, you can see the great plain between Tanga and Moshi and the Mkomazi National Park in the distance; and you can choose from a variety of hiking options ranging from one-day excursions to 4-day routes across the mountain range.

The Usambara Mountains are one of the hidden gems of Tanzania. If you want to relax in an atmosphere of cool temperatures, enjoy a quiet place with almost no crowds of tourists, live a totally rural lifestyle with small mountain villages and walk in the middle of a great biodiversity of mountain ranges, forests, waterfalls, cliffs and amazing views, the Usambara Mountains are your place.

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